Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Great Weekend and the Great Pumpkin Patch

Dear Ladybug,

We did it! We did it! Mommy finished Term I of her second year at Troy. Thanks to your hugs and Daddy's patience and help, I managed to finish 41 pages for my term papers, and 8+ pages of essays for my tests. It was a lot of work, but hopefully it will pay off later.

To celebrate we all a "normal" weekend. Mommy bought groceries, cleaned the house, and straightened up all the madness that commenced while I had been studying. Daddy went to his math class, and then later that afternoon we all went to Oma's house to pick up your Aunt Cindy's old car. (She bought another one recently, and told your Daddy that he could have the car since he helped her so much.) After we all talked to Oma and Cindy for a while, Daddy had to go back to work for a few minutes to relieve one of his employees, so you and I stayed at Oma's and listened to the Alabama game. (We beat the tar out of Ole Miss.)

The next day we all went to Sunday school and church. All the ladies in the nursery love having you in Sunday school, and they go on and on about your nice hugs. (You call them "hums," and usually yell "I wan hum" with your arms spread out like you're about to take flight.)You seem to really enjoy yourself too. Your favorite part is singing. We ran late this last Sunday, so when we got there they were singing the "Fruit of the Spirit." Needless to say you forgot that your Daddy and I were even in the room. :)

After church we had lunch at Brother Zeke's Bar-b-que. It was yummy, but of course you hardly ate anything. You have gotten to be quite picky in your eating, and so you didn't touch your grilled cheese, and kept talking about how "hot" your french fries were. (I think that you think that anything warm is hot.) We drove home and on the way had a flat tire. 'Gotta love it! You slept through the entire ordeal, and after Daddy put on the spare we all went home and had a family nap. It was wonderful.

On Monday you and I delivered your treat bags to your daycare class for the Fall Festival. I had stayed up late making bags filled with Halloween Peeps, Hershey bars, and graham crackers. We mailed off some bills, went to the bank, and then we went to the store. At around 11 we drove to Gardendale to meet Oma, ate some lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and then went to the Great Pumpkin Patch in Hayden, AL.

You had so much fun. You pretty much ran around in circles for the first 20 minutes, and then you finally settled down enough to take a few pictures.

"I sees you!"

You loved the petting zoo and your favorite animal was the pony which you call "horsey," but were a little unsure of the tractor train. You just sat there giggling nervously. You weren't a fan of the bouncy. You loved it, until you fell the first time, and then you were pretty much over it. (I guess that its good that we aren't having a bouncy party for your birthday this!)

We all took the covered wagon to pick out a pumpkin and then you played in the hay while we waited for the wagon to make it's way back to pick us up. Needless to say you got a little!

All in all it was a great Autumn day, spent with good family. Oh, and the homemade spaghetti that we ate with your Daddy was pretty awesome too.



P. S. You need to slow down on that whole growing thing. I just don't understand how you got so big, so fast!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wow...It's been a while!

Dear Ladybug,

Let me start off by saying that I'm SO sorry that it has been so long since I last wrote. I'm going to try my best not to go that long again without writing you. You see, Mommy is still in school. I know, I know...a 25 year old still in school? Crazy. Right? I promise that one day I will get out, but I really enjoy what I am learning, and I am hoping to make my mark on the world a substantial one. Although, I must say, that if I died today, I think that I would be pretty happy because God allowed for me to have you.

You are getting so big now. I often look back at your baby pictures and wonder. . ."How in the world?!" You went from being just a small little thing (6 lbs. 14 oz. and 20 in.) to being a full fledged toddler running around like a little monkey!

I was just telling one of our family members the other day that I think that because you waited so long to walk, that you have been making up for lost time. Although you walked while you held onto our fingers at about 10 months, you didn't walk on your own until you were in your 16th month. When you were about 11 months old, you let go of the sofa and fell and bruised your top gum. From then on you decided that walking was risky business, and that you would have no part of it. You decided that you fell a lot less when you walked on your knees. Yes, that's right, you walked on your knees for months. I found it very cute, but started to worry a little when I realized the security of walking on your knees kept you from ever trying to walk on your feet. Some of the ladies at the daycare were concerned too, and they started analyzing you, which irritated me to no end. Don't worry. All I had to do was give them "the eye" and they let us be.

I asked your pediatrician about it, and she said that was perfectly fine, and that it showed that you were a smart and cautious kid. Your daddy and I tried everything to tempt you. Chocolate, juice, cookies. . .the works! Finally, on April 3 you accidentally took about 7 steps following me into the bathroom. When I realized what had just happened I immediately started screaming "Yay!!! You did it!!!" and crying like a baby. You started crying too, and together we were one huge mess. Needless to say, I scared you away from walking for about two days, but then you walked across a table to your Oma, and took a few steps to your daddy. Within 2-3 weeks you literally went from baby steps to almost running. I was so proud of you. I still get a little weepy just thinking back on it!

Ever since that day you have been a completely different child. You went from being a cautious and reserved little baby, to being a rambunctious, happy little girl, and I love every minute of it. Your Daddy and I often play tickle tag with you, in which we all run around the house tickling you on the tummy and underarms. You of course scream and giggle, and enjoy it immensely. :)

You also really love music, dancing, and books. When you were about 13 months old you started singing and pretending to direct song like the men at church. All the ladies around us would try, and try not to giggle, but you were just so cute standing up on the back of the pew, swinging your arms and singing "La, La, La!" At 18 months I realized that you were singing the two songs "Jesus Loves Me" and your "ABCs." You didn't have the words completely right, but the tune was undeniable. Now at 21 months, you can sing "Jesus loves Me Da, Da, Da" and "A, B, C, D, G, D, J . . . da, da, da, da, play wit me." Not to shabby!!! You also figured out that the letters in the alphabet song are also in books, so even though you can't read yet (of course!), you will get a book about ducks (like you did this evening while I dried you off from your bath) and tell me "I love duck. . . A, B, C. . .I see duck. . . I see utter duck. . . A, B, C, D, T. . . I love duck, Mommy." Oh, you are so smart. I hope that you dream big in your life, and do just what you want, no matter what.

You also have a great sense of humor. I was just telling your Oma today, about how after Daddy gave you a bath last night I was designated to be the bedtime parent. I read you a book, and you curled up in my lap and tried to tickle me. I, of course, returned the favor and tickled your tummy, etc. We laughed and laughed, and out of now where you looked off into the distance, growing tired, and said "la, la, la" and I mocked you saying "la, la, la." Oh my word, you'd think that I had said the funniest joke on the planet. You laughed hysterically for about 10 minutes and even lost your breath! It was hilarious, and all I could do was laugh along with you! Needless to say, that bedtime was easy that night, and that you fell asleep pretty quickly from all that tiring giddiness.

Well, Ladybug, I need to go. I have to take a test tonight for one of my classes. I'll write again soon. Promise.

I love you,


P.S. You also love bubbles!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kitty Kat


I was studying yesterday while you played with your new birthday toys, when all of a sudden I heard the sound of paper. Every mom knows that this usually isn't a good sound to hear, since it usually denotes snoopy babies or rats, both of which are equally bad. :)

Anyways, I leaned over my chair and saw you sitting with about 30 holiday cards scattered around you, which I thought were safely stored away in a box. You just talked and talked at and about those cards, with only an occasional word in English, and the majority being baby gab. Your really got excited though, when you found a card with a kitty cat on it, or as you put it "teety tat." I was so excited to finally get some of your new found words on camera, since you usually get super shy both in public, and when prompted to show off. So here it's my proof!

Love you, sweetie petey! "Teety Tat"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Super Sitter

Dear Lil' Ladybug,

I am happy to announce that you have officially made your entrance into the super special world of the independant sitters! You've been able to sit for weeks now, but you still had that cute topsy turvy quality that often resulted in you looking up at me with a sweet puzzled smile.

This may seem like a very small accomplishment, and in a way it is, but it is amazing to see you view the world in different directions. Now that you can sit, you have been more in tune to touching and feeling the world around you. Just this morning you and I sat on the porch and played with Am-e, your cute black kitty. You looked at him in a completely new way, once you realized that you could put your hand out and touch him you were hooked. I did have to stop you though when you started pulling on the cat's whiskers!

Sitting on the porch was a nice little break from your mini-tantrum this morning. You are definitely teething, and you like to make every one within a 2 mile radius aware of that fact. You have always been a super happy baby, and rarely cry, but this week has been a little different. On Thursday I picked you up from daycare and you smiled and cooed as usual, but when we got home....well, that all changed. You screamed and screamed, so I made a bottle even though it wasn't time for it. When that didn't soothe you, we walked, then we danced, then we rocked, then we tried a paci, then we walked again, then we tried the bottle again, and so on... Then when I was nearly ready to surrender I laid you in your crib and simply asked, "what can I do for you?" to which you looked at me with a quivering chin and answered with a long resounding 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'. Seeing this, I scooped you up once again and put you back on my tear drenched shoulder, and opened the front door and went outside.

Suprisingly it worked! Just walking out onto the porch made all of the difference in the world! You instantly stopped crying, and seemed much calmer. You still weren't your normal happy self, but the tears stopped and you finally relaxed. We rocked back and forth in the rocker swatting the occasional bug until our Knight in Shining Armor came home. ...And you can never be too upset when you see your daddy! (Yes, my dear, you are officially a daddy's girl.)

It didn't help matters when, on Friday, your daddy took you to the doctor for your 6 month check up. ...yuck! You got a nice healthly round of shots, which made your legs super sore. A necessary evil, I'm afraid. You speant most of the evening sprawled out on my tummy or in my lap and going in and out of sleep.

Well, you seem to be waking up from your morning nap, so I'd better stop here.

I love you Ladybug.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mommy Loves You

Dear Ladybug,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I have been really busy lately, but I love you and I am so proud of all of your little developments. You are such a big girl now! You wake up every morning between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. giggling and talking to your Lamb, who your daddy and I named Lamb Bam, because you throw him around like a champ.

You are really doing well with eating solid foods. We started feeding you solids around 4 months. You started with applesauce, because, well, who hates applesauce?...answer...YOU! finally warmed up to applesauce, and now you eat it all the time! Once applesauce along with rice and oatmeal were introduced, we started getting ambitious! Soon after you started bannanas, then sweet potatoes, pears, peas, green beans, and tomorrow squash! Hooray!

You also had your first family vacation in April with Mommy, Daddy, Oma, and Uncle Cameron. We went to Destin, Florida, and we put your feet in the ocean water and the sand for the first time, and you were so brave! You didn't cry at all! In fact, the only time you cried was when we put you in the cold pool to try out your floatie. Later we realized that one of the other pools was heated. Oops! You ended up loving the water. You are really a beach babe!

You are also sitting now. So much so that when you were about 20 weeks old, your daddy put your Exersaucer together, and woohoo what a toy! We love watching you play in it, and your daddy and I know all of the sounds by heart. For instance, we have both commented on each other singing the Beatle-esq "Red, Yellow, and Blue" song, and I find myself humming it while I take blood pressures at the clinc. 'Gotta love it!

I think of you all of the time, and I love nothing more than sitting on the floor and playing with you. You almost crawled on Sunday! Not much longer! Daddy and I are trying to finish baby-proofing the house...whew...what a chore! We still need to put up a baby gate, hide electrical cords, and put baby locks on the lower kitchen cabinets.

Well, I should probably stop here. I have to get your bottles, and diaper bag ready for tomorrow, and it is an early day! We have to be at daycare right at six, so that mommy can get to a meeting.

Sleep well Ladybug! I can't wait to see you in the morning!



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mini Monkey

Dear Lil' Lady Bug,

Although the road to eating solids has been a tricky one, I believe that we have turned our first corner. Thank goodness you seem to like bananas! This revelation comes after the horrific tales of "Applesauce"...truly a tragedy. Every time I would sit down to try and feed you a spoonful or two of Gerber 1st Foods Applesauce you would twist and turn your face as if you were silently screaming. You would then refuse to swallow the alien substance, and slowly let it run out of your mouth and down your chin. This act was soon followed by loud cries and demands for something you understand...a nice warm bottle full of Simlac. As always, I would then deliver the "back up bottle," and my hopes of teaching you how to eat with a spoon would die just a little more. "Oh well," I'd think, "at least she can diluted cereal through a bottle." But this morning after our routine cereal bottle, you surprised me with a fondness for bananas. I think that you ended up eating about 8 half-spoonfuls of the yellow stuff, which I consider a huge victory. In fact, you even leaned forward towards the spoon for the last few helpings, and I very happily delivered the goods, before handing you your baby doll so that you could attempt to also devour her fuzzy yellow head. You still had a somewhat confused face during the whole episode, but that is to be expected since you aren't used to the means of food delivery...a.k.a...a spoon. I have declared this a victory though, and plan to happily serve my "mini monkey" another portion of the fabulous fruit this afternoon when I get off work. Lol!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"You're getting sleepy...."

Dear Lil' Lady Bug,

You look so peaceful all curled up in your pink Boppy! I am constantly amazed at the effect that 4 small ounces of formula has on your growing little baby body. I swear it is like you have been given a tranquilizer!

I love watching you sleep, and sometimes (like this evening) you'll even give us a show. Although you are safely secured in your own private island in the Land of Nod, you still move your tiny little hands and fingers around, and make the funniest faces imaginable. Sometimes you even peek from behind your heavy eyelids and let out a weak coo or gurgle. I have no idea what you dream about, but I must say that I have reflected on the topic a time or two. Bottles? Baby Dolls? Mommy and Daddy? Who knows?!!

It feels like just yesterday, I was staying up all night in the hospital watching you sleep. You REALLY made faces then! Of course they were all just reflexes, but I had never watched a newborn sleep, and I was absolutely amazed at how your little face could twist and turn to show every type of emotion, without you even realizing that any change had occurred. I remember looking at your tiny little body and feeling so undeserving to be called your mother. Don't get me wrong I adore that title, but I had never encountered anyone or anything so innocent and sweet in my lifetime, and it seemed strange to know that you were the product of your father and I. I felt overwhelmed to know that the good Lord had trusted you with your daddy and I. It is a true moment of reckoning, and really makes everything that you once viewed as "important" seem small, and allows you to gain a true sense of perspective.

Well I should probably stop here, little one. Your daddy and I need to get some dinner so that we can attempt to you!!