Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mini Monkey

Dear Lil' Lady Bug,

Although the road to eating solids has been a tricky one, I believe that we have turned our first corner. Thank goodness you seem to like bananas! This revelation comes after the horrific tales of "Applesauce"...truly a tragedy. Every time I would sit down to try and feed you a spoonful or two of Gerber 1st Foods Applesauce you would twist and turn your face as if you were silently screaming. You would then refuse to swallow the alien substance, and slowly let it run out of your mouth and down your chin. This act was soon followed by loud cries and demands for something you understand...a nice warm bottle full of Simlac. As always, I would then deliver the "back up bottle," and my hopes of teaching you how to eat with a spoon would die just a little more. "Oh well," I'd think, "at least she can diluted cereal through a bottle." But this morning after our routine cereal bottle, you surprised me with a fondness for bananas. I think that you ended up eating about 8 half-spoonfuls of the yellow stuff, which I consider a huge victory. In fact, you even leaned forward towards the spoon for the last few helpings, and I very happily delivered the goods, before handing you your baby doll so that you could attempt to also devour her fuzzy yellow head. You still had a somewhat confused face during the whole episode, but that is to be expected since you aren't used to the means of food delivery...a.k.a...a spoon. I have declared this a victory though, and plan to happily serve my "mini monkey" another portion of the fabulous fruit this afternoon when I get off work. Lol!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"You're getting sleepy...."

Dear Lil' Lady Bug,

You look so peaceful all curled up in your pink Boppy! I am constantly amazed at the effect that 4 small ounces of formula has on your growing little baby body. I swear it is like you have been given a tranquilizer!

I love watching you sleep, and sometimes (like this evening) you'll even give us a show. Although you are safely secured in your own private island in the Land of Nod, you still move your tiny little hands and fingers around, and make the funniest faces imaginable. Sometimes you even peek from behind your heavy eyelids and let out a weak coo or gurgle. I have no idea what you dream about, but I must say that I have reflected on the topic a time or two. Bottles? Baby Dolls? Mommy and Daddy? Who knows?!!

It feels like just yesterday, I was staying up all night in the hospital watching you sleep. You REALLY made faces then! Of course they were all just reflexes, but I had never watched a newborn sleep, and I was absolutely amazed at how your little face could twist and turn to show every type of emotion, without you even realizing that any change had occurred. I remember looking at your tiny little body and feeling so undeserving to be called your mother. Don't get me wrong I adore that title, but I had never encountered anyone or anything so innocent and sweet in my lifetime, and it seemed strange to know that you were the product of your father and I. I felt overwhelmed to know that the good Lord had trusted you with your daddy and I. It is a true moment of reckoning, and really makes everything that you once viewed as "important" seem small, and allows you to gain a true sense of perspective.

Well I should probably stop here, little one. Your daddy and I need to get some dinner so that we can attempt to you!!

Blah, Blah, Blog

Well, I finally did it. I have finally started a blog. I must admit that I've never really considered doing so until the recent birth of my daughter "Lady Bug." I always viewed blogs as an outlet for people to share their opinions about world matters, or to gab about their daily accomplishments, neither of which especially appealed to me personally. My reasoning for beginning this spiel of sorts is to keep a history of my family, much as my mother did for my younger brother and myself. She kept numerous journals on each of us through the years, that chronicled our lives and our rapid ascent into adulthood. So this blog, in short is dedicated to my Lady Bug and any other little critters that may follow her. My hope is that one day she will read these posts with fond memories, and a joyful heart, and know that her parents were real people who lived fully, and loved hard...and we're blessed to be the proud parents of a special little Lady Bug!