Saturday, June 12, 2010

Super Sitter

Dear Lil' Ladybug,

I am happy to announce that you have officially made your entrance into the super special world of the independant sitters! You've been able to sit for weeks now, but you still had that cute topsy turvy quality that often resulted in you looking up at me with a sweet puzzled smile.

This may seem like a very small accomplishment, and in a way it is, but it is amazing to see you view the world in different directions. Now that you can sit, you have been more in tune to touching and feeling the world around you. Just this morning you and I sat on the porch and played with Am-e, your cute black kitty. You looked at him in a completely new way, once you realized that you could put your hand out and touch him you were hooked. I did have to stop you though when you started pulling on the cat's whiskers!

Sitting on the porch was a nice little break from your mini-tantrum this morning. You are definitely teething, and you like to make every one within a 2 mile radius aware of that fact. You have always been a super happy baby, and rarely cry, but this week has been a little different. On Thursday I picked you up from daycare and you smiled and cooed as usual, but when we got home....well, that all changed. You screamed and screamed, so I made a bottle even though it wasn't time for it. When that didn't soothe you, we walked, then we danced, then we rocked, then we tried a paci, then we walked again, then we tried the bottle again, and so on... Then when I was nearly ready to surrender I laid you in your crib and simply asked, "what can I do for you?" to which you looked at me with a quivering chin and answered with a long resounding 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'. Seeing this, I scooped you up once again and put you back on my tear drenched shoulder, and opened the front door and went outside.

Suprisingly it worked! Just walking out onto the porch made all of the difference in the world! You instantly stopped crying, and seemed much calmer. You still weren't your normal happy self, but the tears stopped and you finally relaxed. We rocked back and forth in the rocker swatting the occasional bug until our Knight in Shining Armor came home. ...And you can never be too upset when you see your daddy! (Yes, my dear, you are officially a daddy's girl.)

It didn't help matters when, on Friday, your daddy took you to the doctor for your 6 month check up. ...yuck! You got a nice healthly round of shots, which made your legs super sore. A necessary evil, I'm afraid. You speant most of the evening sprawled out on my tummy or in my lap and going in and out of sleep.

Well, you seem to be waking up from your morning nap, so I'd better stop here.

I love you Ladybug.